Coastline Apparition is a Los Angeles based rock band that simply cannot be pigeon-holed. Their refreshing blend of punk rock energy, rock n roll attitude, folk undertones, and ear-pleasing melodies makes for animated performances and an unforgettable sound. The quartets eclectic style draws from a wide array of musical influences and personal experiences, allowing them to garner an impressively diverse following. No matter your taste in music, you will be left enraptured and enthralled by Coastline Apparition's genuine sound.

The band has picked up momentum throughout the crevices of underground Los Angeles with the release of their EP, "Mother, Aren't You Proud", produced and mastered at Battle Panda Productions in Van Nuys.

The band's fan base quickly flourished with the release of their alternative-rock debut album, "New Beginnings, Old Habits", produced at Battle Panda and mastered by Dave Collins (Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Weezer, Jane's Addiction, and more), which was followed closely by a followup EP titled "Scope Creep".

Coastline Apparition has since shared the bill with the likes of Unwritten Law, Taboo of the Black Eyes Peas, and members of Social Distortion. The band continues to play regularly throughout venues in Los Angeles, such as the world famous Airliner Bar, The Good Hurt (Santa Monica), The Hollywood House of Blues, The Old Town Pub (Pasadena), and many more.